Emergency Electrician North London

Looking for an emergency electrician in North London? We have electricians based all over London and North London is one of our prime locations!

We have several electricians ready to go at all times in North London. Our whole service is based around being an emergency electrician company in London. Although we can offer electrical services on an arranged date (for example, if your electrical problem is urgent but not an emergency), so you could book us in for tomorrow or within a couple of days.

However, for those clients that need us NOW… You are who we have set up our service to help.

one of the team working on a rewiring


No pure emergency electrician can call themselves an emergency electrician without having a 24 hour, 7 days a week call out service. You can reach our number at any minute of any day.

We know that businesses need electricity throughout the night to function. Many people work through the night and we are fine to do the same.

We want to be the team you call in a real emergency. We can be with you in a matter of hours anywhere in North London, sometimes minutes.


The right team, equipment and knowledge

Whoever arrives from the team, be it one or two electricians, will have the correct knowledge and equipment to resolve your problem. Whether you need something installing or repairing, just let us know what you need over the phone.

The electrician will arrive at your premises with what they need to sort out your problem. Our service is all about getting to you quickly, affordably and providing an excellent solution. If we continue to operate like this, we know we will continue to get lots of repeat work from clients, as well as recommendations an excellent electrical emergency repairs company.


Fully qualified support in North London

Every single member of the team is a fully qualified electrician. This means you can only ever expect someone that is totally insured, qualified and experienced in the problem you have to arrive at your premises. Each electrician we hire will be a qualified electrician, meaning that they are NICEIC, NAPIT and PART-P assured.

You do not have to worry about mistakes being made with your electricity. Every time we are called out to a job, an electrician with at least two years of industry experience will arrive. If we have new members of the team with less than two years experience, they always travel with a more experienced member of the team.


What are you waiting for?

If you have an emergency electrical issue – what are you waiting for! Just give the team a call and explain your problem to us. We may even be able to give you free advice over the phone as to what you could check to see if the problem can be easily sorted on your end.

If not, we can come out and diagnose the problem and a suitable solution.

Sometimes this means giving you an alternative solution. It might be that we cannot fix your problem there and then, but we keep your electricity going until we can come back and make the correct repair. Just call our North London electricians and we’ll do our best to assist you.