Commercial Electrician London

Our electrician services mostly comprise of commercial works in London. So many businesses need electricity in order to make money. They always have different electronic equipment and devices running so things are always likely to eventually break/fail.

Thankfully, our team of electricians are on hand to fix any and all commercial as well as industrial lighting faults in London. We provide repairs, installations, replacements, alternatives and an emergency service. This makes us a totally comprehensive commercial electrician service, ensuring that every base possible is covered.

fixing the electrics on a building site

Emergency call outs – 24/7

Have an electrical emergency at your company? Our service is on hand throughout all areas of London, 24/7. You can call us any day of the week at any time. One of the team will take the call and let you know what is best to do with your problem. Usually, we can get someone to you within hours, sometimes minutes and always within a day.


Cost effective

Emergency electrician services are incredibly useful. If you absolutely rely on electricity, you can use us to get your power back up and running. This goes for almost anything that is powered by or needs electricity to run.

The problem? A lot of emergency electricians in London massively overprice themselves, especially if they know you might not have many great local options. We do not do this with our service and make sure to stay competitive within the expected prices in London. Many people are happy to jack their prices up but we know this will only harm our reputation. We want to continue being recommended electricians in London that people turn to for an excellent price, not just an excellent service.


Experience, education and training

Every single member of our team of electricians in correctly qualified to be a commercial electrician. There is no one on the team that is not qualified to do any of the tasks that you might call us in for. Everyone is NAPIT, PART-P and NICEIC registered. This means you will only get a fully qualified electrician at your property.

We hold public liability insurance and are fully licensed to work on all commercial properties for anything related to electricity.

Educations and training are great – all of our team has it. However, we feel that experience is even more important. Our new recruits would usually work with one of the more experienced members of the team for at least 6 months to a year. So, if anyone new appears at your property for a commercial repair or installation, they will be accompanied by an experienced member of the team. We will never not send electricians round and not have the job resolved somehow.

One of the team carrying out emergency repairs

Our commercial electrician services in London

Wiring – We offer full and part rewiring. Rewiring is essential for the running of any property. As most businesses run out of an office or some form of property, we have becomes experts at wiring. For us, it is about getting everything absolutely right in ample time… Without breaking the bank for any clients that require our services. We can help you with new build commercial developments with absolute ease.

Inspecting and testing. Need to have inspections carried out on electrical equipment? Call in the experts who are qualified to check and sign off any equipment you might need checking. We can also test things to make sure they are working as they are meant to.

Security wiring. We can help you with any sort of security system. A large majority of security systems are going to be run through electricity and therefore require an electrician to install, repair and maintain them. Security is often a legal requirement so we can help you to keep your commercial property within the law.

Schools, colleges and universities. Need an electrician for your educational premises? We have helped countless schools get their electricity right again. Call us for repairs, installation and maintenance work. 

Industrial electrical contractors London. In a warehouse? Or some other industrial property? We carry out weekly work on industrial properties. We know how much you rely on electricity and provide a fast, professional and recommended service to all industrial electrical problems.

Maintenance electrician jobs. Need someone to make sure things are running smoothly at your business? Our team helps companies all over London with affordable maintenance work to keep everything running smoothly and avoid repairs.

Machine wiring.

Data cabling.

Fault finding.

And more!

This was just a simple list of some of our more common services. If you have a problem related to electricity, there is a strong chance that we can sort it out for you!

commercial rewiring being carried out by the team

Areas that we cover

Our emergency electricians are based in all sorts of areas so that we can cover every corner of London. Being primarily an emergency based service we knew that having electricians based all over the city would be better than having one central base.

As such, we have emergency commercial electricians in all parts of London like South London, South East London, East London, North London and West London. Usually, we will have someone within 20 miles from you, meaning that we can get out to you quickly and efficiently. Sometimes we might not be able to get to you within minutes and it will be hours. If you really have an emergency we will try to arrange an electrician as fast as possible.

Your area depends on how quickly we can get to you, too. If you need an electrician in Essex – this might take longer than if you need an electrician in central London as we have several based there.

The easiest way to see how fast we can get out to you is just by calling us. You can speak to our friendly team who are in direct contact with our commercial electricians and will be able to quickly tell you our availability. 

Booking in advance will be much easier. We will always be able to arrange a suitable time to get someone to make repairs or installations over to you with ample warning time – emergency services are slightly more hit and miss as you would expect. However, we always try to be as fast possible.