Sparky’s And Working In Industries

Becoming an industrial electrician or ‘sparky’ takes dedication just like any other trade or job. Many people are happy to look down on tradesman but this is a really negative mindset to have. Without a sparky, you would not be able to read this right now! Whether on a mobile phone, tablet or computer – all of this would not be possible. Sure, we are not pertaining that we created electricity but we are the ones that provide the access to this wonderful stuff.

Without electricity the world would cease to function. We completely rely on it. It powers all of our technology. Heck, even Tesla are pioneering additional use of it by powering their innovative and modern vehicles through electricity. As your knowledgable emergency electrician in London – we want to write a weekly post for the next few weeks about things going on in the industry.

Anyway, becoming an electrician first requires getting an education followed by an apprenticeship to learn the ropes. Yes, a lot of a sparky’s work is manual – but that does not mean that any old clown can be successful in this industry. There are sparky’s out there earning millions through their work because they are in the right industry offering the right service to the right people. But everyone has to start somewhere.

After an education and apprenticeship you can get a job. Your first job might not be a boomer, but it will get you on the ladder of success. How high you climb is up to you. Almost every facet of being a sparky is going to give you a rewarding career. This gradual start will give you the experience you need to work with people, the skills required to do the job and the systems, tools and machinery you’ll be using on a daily basis. You are the guy that can serve businesses to ensure electricity runs through their company so that they can keep making money. That is a highly valuable service and never undervalue your service.


As a sparky, you have a responsibility to install, repair and maintain vital components of an industrial workplace. These components could be anything from power, various systems, telecommunication, fire and security, CCTV and so on. These industrial businesses all need a sparky that can install, rewire, service and maintain equipment on their premises. Millions of pounds worth of electrical work is being done every single day.

That’s an understatement actually. What with the natural development and growth of the world – it’s more likely that billions worth of electrical work is being completed. There is an endless list of things you can do for these companies. Without you, their operations will cease to exist.

You do, however, have a responsibility to ensure everything is completed to a safe and excellent standard. Sure, you can always return to fix things but the company will not continue to use you if things are constantly breaking – seemingly because of your fault. If they are in an industry where things will constantly go wrong and need maintaining then these are the kinds of things you need to make them aware of before starting the project. Protect yourself against the scenarios that could arise by staying in constant communication with your clients.


The industrial sector will require you to have excellent skills. The industrial sector will need you to help them grow in whatever way they are moving. Be this production, manufacturing or being an electrical company themselves – you will need to be skilled enough to help them in this pursuit. Hopefully you got a high level apprenticeship and can work with/interpret drawings and blueprints, as well as interpret electrical code. You will be needed for tasks already mentioned above.

Also, the amount you work could depend on the skills and services you offer. Some companies might need you through the night while some might need you through the day on a temporary basis. Be ready to adapt to the industry and people you want to work for.

In terms of the education required, you’ll need to go to a college that will do a sparky course so you can get properly qualified. Make sure your course is 100% legit, too. There are plenty of fake courses out there and you want to avoid those like the plague.

You can plan ahead and look for your apprenticeship and ask what sort of course they might want you to have. Usually the apprenticeship will require X amount of years service under the person teaching you.

In college you should learn everything about being a sparky, at least in theory.

Getting started

Once you’ve done your apprenticeship and you’re ready to get an industry job, you can start applying to various positions that look interesting to you. It’s up to you what you do now. You might want to try different industries. You might want to try different positions. This industrial electrician video will give you a taste for some of the tasks you might be involved in…

Getting varied experience will help you moving forward, especially if you want to open your own firm one day. Take as much experience as you can from any position or company you work at as it will all be useful one day. This goes for the bad and the good. Anyway, we wish anyone looking to becoming an industrial sparky out there the best of luck! Thanks and until next time.





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