Getting Through Education To Become An Electrician

Still in school? Hating it? Loving it? Either way, we wanted to write today about school, college and finally becoming an electrician. We are an expert emergency electrician London team but we had to go through the same route as every other type of electrician. Whether you want to work for yourself, work for a company or be an emergency electrician – the path is virtually the same for everyone.

Now, the path is generally the same, but the things you do along that path do not have to be the same.

We wanted to write this for the budding electricians that are still in school. It’s hard to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing while in school. If you are dead set on being an electrician then you will need to get to college where you train to be an electrician. You can’t really get into the trade without this qualification from college so your schooling life should be all about getting to college. This means…

Keep showing up

Unfortunately, whether you love or hate school, you are going to need to keep showing up every day. Not only do you have to show up for your technology classes that are similar to electrician work, but you are going to have to do maths, English, science and even religious education, probably. Yes, you know you want to be an electrician and no, an electrician does not need to know religious education. However, you need to maximise your chance of getting into college. Most of the people around you are going to pass all of their GCSE’s.

If you are the person that doesn’t, you are the odd one out. You are the person that colleges will say… Well hang on, this kid can’t even read or write, how is he going to become an electrician? You don’t want to thwart your chance of making it in this trade without even getting through the selection process.

So? Keep showing up. If you show up, listen in class and revise for your GCSE’s, you should be able to get through them. Showing up also builds discipline and teaches you the value of sticking something out. You are going to have to do things in life that you do not want to do. School is probably one of them and if you can get through that, you can get through a lot moving forward.

Pick the right classes

This is probably easy for you. You already want to be an electrician so the subjects that interest you are the practical, science and technology style classes. We had an electronics class at our school as an option in our final year so we hope you have the same. We even learnt little tricks that we take with us in our emergency electrician days right now! So make sure to pick relevant subjects. As for the topics that aren’t related to electronics, just pick things that you are interested enough in that you can do a bit of revision when it comes to the exams. If you absolutely hate your subjects you won’t want to study them in the least.

Make great friends

We wish we used our time more productively in school. One thing you have access to is a lot of different people. There are plenty of people worth meeting in school. We have managed to hold onto a few friends that have been very successful in life. Obviously, this also means there are plenty of idiots in school too. Avoid these like the plague.

Just endure

If you are reading this scratching your head thinking… How am I going to put up with anymore years of school, the best advice we can give you is to just endure. Keep showing up. It will be over eventually. It will all be worth it when people don’t shun you for not having an education. It will be worth it when you apply to college and you get in seamlessly. Things will change as you get older, get money and are allowed to do more things.

Getting to college

Finally, you pass your exams and you are in college! Things should get better from here. You can get your own car, apartment if you want and general freedom. You can even almost buy alcohol! But seriously, you can pick a course with an apprenticeship and really get to focus on becoming an electrician. No more religious education. You can pick up a bit of money too. So if you endure to this stage, well done, you have got through the hard part.

College courses are generally harder than school classes, but as you are focusing on all of your time on that course and it will generally be a lot more enjoyable, you should have no problem passing. This stage is easier than school in many ways.

Then it’s all about deciding what you want to do after! You are a free adult and can make your living as an electrician like you always wanted to.





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