Dispelling Common Tradesman Myths

This article is for the aspiring electrical tradesman. Or maybe you are already in this sector but still fall victim to the common traits that tradesman get assigned to. This article is going to focus on the things you can do to be a better all round tradesman. People will assign you beliefs they already have about the kind of person you might be and the kind of ways you might behave. We are not generalising people here that they stigmatise people or are overly judgemental.

Quite the opposite, these people probably have experience with someone (a tradesman) that has acted in one of these stereotypical ways. In turn, everyone else that does work for them gets tarred with the same brush.

Again, perhaps rightly so given this is their experience. In order to do well in this trade you are going to have to quickly show the client or potential client that are nothing like the stereotypes that tradesman often get assigned to. Whether you want to be a 24 hour on-call electrician, a contractor, an employee at a job, have your own commercial company – you will be fighting against these stereotypes. Let’s have a look at each and how you can avoid being painted by the same brush. As your dedicated emergency electrician London company – we want you to be treated with respect where and when you work.

Poor communication

Being communicative can really set you apart. If you are performing a job for someone at their property, they will really appreciate updates on timescales, when you think you will be at the property, leaving the property, what will be going on at the property and so on. So, while on the job, you need to be vocal with the person that owns the place. Keep them updated, perhaps show them simple things that are going on.

This will help you build up trust with the client, show you know what you are talking about and help for them to understand the timescales involved on the project. People live alone as people need alone time. It is no insult to you that they would probably rather you were not there and the problem solved as quickly as possible. Recognise this and act accordingly. As for when you are not on the property make sure to be communicative then too. If you are running late, let the client know. Speak to them as much as is necessary but obviously do not bug them. Basically give them any information that affects them!


Many people get stood up by tradesman one way or another. Tradesman flutter from job to job just looking for the highest paying clients. It might be better for your career long-term to stay reliable as possible. Sure, another contract might come along at the time you promised a family you would sort their electrics out. But how many people do this family know that they could tell about you and your good work?

A little more money now might not be worth it if helping that family turns into 10 more projects over the next few years (they tell their friends who tell their friends kind of thing). So stay reliable and someone people can count on. A lot of people will not tolerate if you do not stick to your word and even though they do not pull you up on it – they will certainly be aware that you are unreliable. No one wants unreliability.


In this service we can get as dirty as the other tradesman. Sure, some of the work basically creates no mess at all – but some can be catastrophically messy. Mess and dirt is always going to be impossible to completely avoid but you can certainly minimise it. Keeping your workspace as clean and tidy as possible will help to reflect your good clean service. If someone walks into your space and sees it is a tip they will assume the work you are doing is also disorganised and untidy. That is not totally logical but that is how people think.

Not being great with people

We do not know if this is a really common one but we think it could be possible. People might think that you are an electrician or some other tradesman simply because you can’t get on with other people at the office or you were no good at school. Obviously, this is not the case.

You need to show the people you are working for, whether an emergency electrical job, a maintenance contract you have with your own self employment or simply at your workplace that you are great with people. This means being honest, pleasant, polite, friendly, smiley and so on. You do not need to be the most outgoing person in the world, you just have to be genuine and show that you care about the people you are working with and the projects you are working on. Be polite to people, say your please and thank you’s and it will go a long way for the whole process.

We hope that anyone that gets aligned with any electrician myths can get away from these! Or simply work hard to make sure no one ever thinks this of you. There is no reason that people cannot treat you like you are a standup guy (or gal) if that is the way you act. Attitude is everything and make sure you bring the right attitude!






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