24 Hour Emergency Services

Having electrical problems in the middle of the night? Don’t fret – there is a solution. We have 24 hour emergency services. 

Our team of engineers are on call 24/7 to help homeowners and business owners with any electrical problems.

Our service covers the majority of London as we have multiple electricians based in various parts of London.

We know what you want from an emergency electrician service: speedy, cost effective, skilful, polite and friendly. Knowing this has made it easy for us to successfully carry out our service to clients on a daily basis.

Come to us for repairs, installations and maintenance work on any timescale. If it is the middle of the night, no problem. If it is the middle of the day, also no problem. If you would just like to us book our services in for a certain day… No problem!


Qualified, experienced and ready!

You will only ever be greeted by a NICEIC, NAPIT & PART-P registered electrician, meaning you can guarantee they are qualified to deal with any electrical problems you have.

The team has never even considered hiring someone that is not qualified in these fields, it would be illegal.

Most of our electricians have at least a few years of industry experience. This means they are experienced as well as qualified – so we are excellent at problem solving while on site. 

Our electrician fixing a plug socket

Why 24/7?

As we are largely an emergency electrician company, we knew we had to offer a 24/7 service. So many businesses out there run 24/7 and need electricity. This is just a given. We knew that, in order to be considered as one of the best emergency electricians, we had to offer a 24/7 call out service.

It’s no good being an ‘emergency’ service if we can’t help loads of companies and homeowners who need our services outside of normal working hours. London is such a dense area. You would be shocked at the amount of electrical problems that people are running into every single day – especially out of hours.

Because of all of this, we transitioned from electricians > to emergency electricians > to emergency electricians that offer a 24 hour call out service. It was the natural progression. Now if anyone needs an electrician at any hour of any given week, you can call us and we will be on hand with the right team, equipment and skills to sort out your problem. By now we have built up a reputation as excellent emergency electricians on all fronts and are often recommended electricians anywhere in London.


Who do we help?

Our emergency electrician service covers the domestic, commercial and industrial market. We serve the commercial and industrial market more often than homeowners. Businesses are running all night long whereas homeowners and residential buildings generally tend to be used less. However, we can help all three and hold no biases between the repairs, installations and maintenance work we carry out for our clients. 


Which services can we help you with?

Our team is proficient enough to offer all our day time services at any hours. This means that all of our 24 hour electrician services are the same as our day time services! Nothing is left out.

There are occasionally sound implications we have to think about. We cannot simply go around waking up a whole neighbourhood, so some precautions have to be taken. But generally, we can fix just about every electrical related problem out there at any minute of the day.


Here is a list of some of our most popular services:

Fire alarms. Fire alarms need to be correctly maintained for obvious safety reasons. For commercial businesses, many have to have their fire alarms in operation 24/7 to comply with safety rules and regulations. If this is you and your fire alarm has gone wrong, call our friendly electricians out at any time! This goes for all types of alarms too, like carbon monoxide alarms.

Fault finds. Have an electrical problem but can’t actually put your finger on what the problem is? No problem, our team are experts at problem-solving. The combination of educational electrician backgrounds, several years experience for each team member and a solid company support base – we can solve all problems. There are only a certain amount of problems that your electrics are actually undergoing so we can always get to it eventually.

Rewires. We carry out partial and full rewires. Often clients want to do this as more of a scheduled event, but if you need rewiring done quickly, we can do this for the commercial and industrial market.

PAT testing. Need to safety check some portable appliances? Sure thing. We are carrying out PAT tests every single week so we know the process like the back of our hands for many different types of appliances.

Lights. Losing the lighting at your property can be a nightmare. Call us if you cannot deal with having no light.

General repairs. Something electrical broken and you need it as a matter of an emergency? Call the team for fast, local emergency electrician repairs in London.

Electrical units. This would be replacing things like broken fuse boards.


How fast will you be?

The time we can get out to you depends on how fast you need us, the severity of the situation and how far away our closest electrician is.

The best thing you can do is call to see what sort of timescales you might be looking at. Our large team makes us confident that you will struggle to find anyone as fast, organised and eager to repair your problem.

We can occasionally get to clients within the hour if you have a real emergency and we are close by. Or it is more likely that we can get to you on the day or within a few hours of your call.

An electrician looking at wiring

Are there any areas of London that your 24 hour electrical service does not cover?

Not really. We would say that if you need an emergency electrician in West London and you can call us. This goes for the east side too. If you need an emergency electrician in East London, please feel free to get in touch. 

You will not disturb anyone unnecessarily if you cal in the middle of the night and need someone. We have a team manning the phone every night who are ready to take your call!

If you want to see if we can solve your problem and are close enough to do so, just give us a call and we will easily be able to tell you if we can help or not. Remember we provide a 24 hour service so feel free to reach us for our electrical services at any time!